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28 June, 2018

10 reasons “should not” study in Taiwan

  Currently studying Taiwan is a topic that many young people are interested in. Many young people are wondering about the quality of education, learning environment, job opportunities, tuition fees, … To help you make the right choice, we give 10 reasons “should not “Study in Taiwan.

1. High quality of education
Taiwan education is considered one of the high quality education of Asia.
Universities in Taiwan, especially top schools, are in a modest position in the region and in the world. While Vietnam has not yet reached one of the 100 best universities in the world, Taiwan has four national universities, including National Taiwan University, National Cheng Kung University, National Tsing Hua University and National Chiao Tung University. The Government has always paid great attention to and developed good policies for the education sector to develop. According to some international organizations, Taiwan’s GD has achieved international standards. Chinese culture and indigenous culture have merged and reached the highest values ​​in education. Educational traditions have been sown and developed to this day.
So, for high quality education day, your academic performance will not be as “low” as before.

2. Diverse diversity
Students will have a “headache” because there are too many options for themselves.
Taiwan has a full range of disciplines in all fields: Biotech, Applied & Cosmetic Management, Food & Beverage Management – Business Administration, Corporate Governance, Tourism & Leisure Management , Information management, health care, occupational medicine, nursing faculty … etc, electrical work, health & leisure … etc.
Depending on capacity, financial ability, careers interest that you make choices for yourself.

3. The learning and living environment
The environment here is very good for students to study and live, making you want to stick with the long term here without wanting to go home.
All Taiwanese universities are well-funded from the facilities to the quality of teaching and are fairly uniform in the schools. The lecture halls are fully equipped to accommodate the learning process of the students. University campuses are also very clean, beautiful and safe. The hostel is very comfortable and comfortable. The people of Taiwan are very friendly, enthusiastic. The climate is similar to Vietnam.

4. Opportunity to work extra
Students will not be “home” because there are many opportunities to work more.
The opportunity to work extra for overseas students in Taiwan with high income without too hard. Students are allowed to work extra income from 800 – 1000 USD per month to cover tuition and living expenses in Taiwan.
Tertiary colleges in Taiwan have many policies in place to coordinate with companies and corporations to find suitable employment for their students.
Students can do part-time jobs in restaurants, hotels, amusement parks or interpreters.
More jobs in Taiwan can help international students save costs, cover their lives. . Moreover, there are many opportunities to study, experience work in a relatively developed place like Taiwan. At the same time, help students improve language, learn culture. Many students studying in Taiwan want to find more work to be able to travel, to visit the family.

5. Employment opportunities after graduation
You will be “hard” but unemployed after completing the program here
When studying in Taiwan, you can choose to study in English or Mandarin Chinese, the two most used languages ​​in the world.
When you graduate from a university, in addition to a valid university degree, you are proficient in at least one of these two languages, so you choose to return to Vietnam to work or apply for a job. have the opportunity to work with high income, great promotion opportunities.

6. Landscape attract
Maybe you will be fascinated by the Taiwanese landscape
Taiwan is small but beautiful. From the city to the countryside, high mountains to the sea, the valley to the lake … each place has its own interesting features, worth to go to and feel.
• Ho Nhat Nguyet
• Taroko National Park
• Sun Yat-sen Memorial
• Yangming Mountain
• Taipei 101 Tower

7. Economic development, high quality of life
Taiwan’s economy is a point that many countries admire. The role of Asia’s other dragons, such as Singapore, South Korea, Hong Kong, Taiwan, has risen from a poor island to a commercial and hi-tech hub in Asia. The annual GDP of this region reached nearly $ 500 billion, the real GDP per capita reached nearly $ 40,000 (equal to EU countries), … all created an extremely economic picture. develop, solid. Taiwan’s most famous technology sector is computer manufacturing and accessories. There are also many other world-renowned production techniques. With Taiwan, students will be integrated into the modern economy, technology and knowledge economy, vibrant, vibrant and global.
Living in a developed economy, you will “have to” live really civilized.

8. Cheap tuition
Parents will not have the “opportunity” to worry about tuition for their children. Because it is very cheap compared to other places.
College fees and tuition fees at universities in Taiwan can be said to be many times lower than countries such as Singapore, Japan, South Korea … only about 3,000 to 3,500 dollars per year. You do not have to pay for a one-year course that you can pay every semester (3 months), so the amount of preparation you have is very small. So the issue of tuition is not worrying.

9. Application procedure
The procedure is completed quickly, you will be far from home soon.
The application process is simple and easy: just prepare the necessary paperwork and follow the steps required. All study permits will take only 4 weeks to complete.

10. Opportunity to improve bilingual
When you study here, you “must” good at least two foreign languages
For those who already know Chinese, Taiwan will be an ideal place to study and improve academic and communication skills. The opportunity to use Chinese with native speakers not only improves our foreign language skills, but also helps us understand the culture and people of your country.
Otherwise, you may choose to teach in English as well as participate in Chinese language courses delivered by the school. With a natural environment and communication, the opportunity to improve both languages ​​will be easier for you.

St. Cao Ha Nhi